#359- Walnut and Pistachio Concert Banjo Ukulele

It has been fun this past couple of years to experiment with the interaction of a basic form (a banjo uke) and the variable aesthetic qualities of the materials (walnut, pistachio, brass). Each one is a unique item that is also related by form to it’s brothers and sisters. It feels like a long term art project with each instrument another entry in the catalogue. In this case, the Oregon walnut is from the Carpenter Ant stash and includes some curl and some sap wood. The California pistachio looks plain from far away but shows beautiful detail up close. It is just like the others but is an individual as well, #359 is ready for service.

All I can say is WOW! What a gorgeous instrument. It sounds exactly like what I’d hoped for. I have a 1920’s Gibson UB-1 that is definitely “all banjo,” very twangy and almost a little too strident. I had read somewhere that Gibson re-purposed mandolin necks for many of the banjo ukes and this must’ve been the case with this one. It is very difficult to play. I was hoping for a playable banjo uke that had “that” sound but not so over the top. #359 (need to come up with a better name) has it in spades! The attention to detail is amazing. The walnut, pistachio and brass just look so good together. I also want to put in a good word about the “case candy.” I love the natural paper and handwritten work. It fits the whole vibe. Thank you, thank you.