#352- Mastergrade Myrtle Tenor Ukulele

Another example of how Mastergrade Myrtle is “our” koa. It is beautiful, local and sounds great. The grain and curl on this one is one of a kind, so I wrapped it up in rope binding and paired it with straight grain pistachio and a simple spruce neck. Destined for our friend Tony, I’m sure it will be quickly put to service leading songs and jams. The Myrtle and pistachio comes from woodfromthewest.com. The spruce is from Camp Westwind on the Oregon coast.

Hi Aaron and Nicole,

My Beansprout ukulele #352 arrived last Friday in great shape. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The Myrtle, the Pistachio, the workmanship, the sound are as good as I ever hoped for. The Myrtle is so beautiful, that while I generally don’t name my music instruments, #352 is now officially “Myrtle.” Kind of a neat old-fashion name that means time honored beauty to me. I have played Myrtle at home, on breaks at work, and in a couple of Twin Cities Ukulele Club jams. Wonderful! While everything is great, a real highlight for me is the neck shape, width and depth. Sooooooo comfortable! Thank you for Myrtle!

This photo is from a weekly Wednesday morning jam with a bunch of bluegrass guys - guitars, mandolins, fiddles, banjos and Ubass. Myrtle truly more than held her own!