Beansprout Artists



Kevin Carroll

Kevin is a fine musician and educator from Austin, TX. The first time we worked with him, we knew he was on the “home team.” He asked for a banjo uke appropriate for playing Celtic fiddle tunes and convinced Nicole to hand paint his family’s crest on the banjo head! He also has a fine book of fiddle tunes arranged for the uke, grab it here.

Steve Varney

I first met Steve when I still lived in Colorado and he bought a very early instrument from me. He used it in his band Glowing House and then as sideman for Gregory Alan Isakov. He recently commissioned a second banjo, and #340 was born. It took me a couple of tries to get it tweaked to fit his needs, but I am always happy to get input from a touring pro. His musical life and personal livelihood are at stake, so let’s get it right. He is a sensitive artist and a strong father and man, I am honored to join him on stage every night in a small way. By the way, his solo project Kid Reverie made a new record this year, buy it here.