#360 Walnut and Pistachio Tenor Banjo Ukulele

When it comes to what I do, “custom” isn’t quite the correct description. I offer a few models and options and take customer input and requests, but I really make the majority of decisions. This one had a few requests that I was happy to honor and I’m glad I did. It made for a great instrument that is a little different than normal but still fits inside my values. Specifically, the customer wanted a different brand of banjo head and a brass armrest. With the K&K pickup, it is certainly stage ready. The pistachio fretboard and headplate are first class with the grain matchup and I love the big knot in the Oregon walnut neck. Pistachio is from California orchards, the walnut is from the Carpenter Ant stash in Portland.

“Aaron –
The instrument arrived on Thursday, and is exactly what I wanted! I am so delighted with the look, feel and sound - it makes me smile every time I play!I especially love the shape and feel of the neck - I don’t believe I have ever held an instrument with such a smooth and amazing finish!”
- C.S.