#326 Master Grade Myrtle, Fir and Pistachio Tenor Ukulele

It is very difficult to source truly master grade wood. It is rare, costs a pretty penny and is always of variable quality and appearance. When Alyce told me she had a few boards of myrtle that she would like me to look at, I was skeptical, but then she showed up with this! One board yielded two master grade instruments and the other two boards yielded several sets of nice mixed quality, including some asymmetrical “wabi-sabi” sets for the future. I also got to practice re-sawing these precious boards, trying to yield as much as possible. It is such a pleasure to go all the way from rough milling to finished instrument, savoring the opportunity to build machine and hand skills as I go.

Setting aside the amazing look of this wood, I need to mention how easy it is to play and how much I love the tone. The all myrtle tenor is always a winner for all around tone and volume and I’m happy to put another one out in the world. The neck is fir floorboards from an apartment building in The Dalles, OR. All the pistachio is from California Orchards.