#332- Walnut and Pistachio Tenor Banjo Ukulele, Baritone Tuning

There is a paradox that surrounds everything Nicole and I do. We make old timey things (instruments, books, embroidery, spoons, uke straps, illustrations, paintings, music) but depend on the internet to spread the word about what we do. If I waited for locals to buy the instruments, I would probably only make a handful per year. But, it really is pretty rare for us to send an instrument as far away as Japan! I am not sure how this customer found us, but I am happy to send this banjo out to Yokohama and speculate on the musical life it will lead.

The most interesting thing about this instrument is the baritone tuning the customer requested. It took a special string set, but it works out great. It is rich and vibrant and loud, despite it’s lower pitch. My right hand took a bit to get used to the touch required, but it paid great rewards. I don’t have the time or energy to take every custom request, but this was one that I’m glad I explored. It just sounds cool.

The walnut is from the Carpenter Ant Stash in Portland and the pistachio comes from California Orchards.