#329- Maple and Pistachio Mini Five String Banjo

Voice. Your voice. Use your voice. What is your voice? I was cast as Oliver in the musical “Oliver” as a freshman in High School. Of course, my voice began to break halfway through the year and my starring role became a bit of a nightmare. I feel like it took me 20 years to re-claim my voice and it’s validity in the musical world. Even though I strive towards improvement, I know what I can and cannot sing, focus on my niche and sing for my pleasure instead of someone else’s.

These mini five strings are only about 18 months along in their journey to finding their voice and I am surprised and delighted with what they say to me as I play them before shipping. Unfortunately, I only get to hear them for a few days before they are shipped off to sing for someone else. I can only hope that they land in the right lap and sing how they see fit.

The maple neck for this banjo comes from Henry’s dance floor stash. The rim is made of varying pieces of maple from many different boards, making for a mosaic effect. The dramatically grafted pistachio comes from California orchards.