#325- Spruce and Maple Baritone Ukulele

I am really excited about this one! This baritone ukulele is for my friend Lizann, who is the steward of the Carpenter Ant stash in Portland, carefully collected by her father and grandfather. She has been trading and gifting me wood and tools for two years now, and I am so grateful for her and her father Ken’s support! First, how does it sound? The problem with most baritone ukes is that they sound too muddy and dark. The goal with this one is to keep the lower range and warmth of the baritone, but bring out the sparkle and punch of a regular uke. I think the spruce top and maple back and sides deliver this and more. I am really proud of how it sounds. Second, the materials. The spruce top is salvaged, old growth, bearclaw spruce from Alaska. The maple back and sides were cut by Ken for ukuleles but never used. The pistachio comes from California orchards. The fir neck is architectural salvage from a pig barn in The Dalles, OR, complete with rusty nail hole in the headstock! Lastly, how does it feel? To me, amazing. I am so lucky to collect beautiful and sustainable materials like these and turn them into a musical tool that can be passed down through generations!