#323- Myrtle, Pistachio and Knotty Fir Tenor Ukulele

I still remember the first all myrtle uke I ever saw: it was a reso uke that Gordon and Char built for me before I worked for them at Mya-Moe. They had used myrtle for backs and sides before that, but never for the top. They were so pleased with it that they launched a model right away featuring this Oregon/California tonewood for top, back and sides. This design quickly became a specialty for us and I am honored to continue the tradition. All myrtle tenor ukes are just a winner. They always sound great, look interesting and it feels good to use our favorite local wood.

The myrtle came from Notable Woods, the pistachio from California Orchards and the fir was salvaged from a pig barn in The Dalles, OR.

This one is for a local friend who has an early Mya-Moe that I built. The knotty salvaged fir neck reminds me of the limp that he and I share as we shuffle through this world. None of us are perfect but we are all capable of beauty and power and deserve to be heard, despite our flaws.