#376- Fir and Curly Mahogany Alto Ukulele

I really was going for a classic look on this uke, reminiscent of mainland designs of the 1920’s. The curly mahogany on the back and sides looks like some of my favorite higher grade Harmony ukes and the rope binding ties it to West coast builders like Knutsen and Weissenborn. The old growth Douglas fir top and pistachio head plate and fretboard are my updates, of course. The fir is salvaged from floorboards, the pistachio is from California orchards and the mahogany came from Char at Mya-Moe before she retired.


I just wanted to tell you how much I love my alto Beansprout. It is the perfect size for me. It was such a good decision to go ahead and buy it at the festival. Everyone who sees it admires it. My alto has incredible tone and great action. It is hard to believe that an instrument that small has such great tone!

I hope this all of you doing well and happy.

With kindest regards and great appreciation,
- C. W.