#378- Walnut and Pistachio Mini Five String Banjo

When I first imagined this little banjo design, I though it would be most useful in a higher tuning, like a piccolo banjo. But, it seems to have found its niche in standard g tuning. It makes for a small and pleasant version of a normal banjo. Easy to travel with, fits on a lap easily, easy on your back and hands. The walnut neck on this one is lightly curly stuff from Goby in Portland. The rim is mosaic of scrap pieces from the cutoffs from earlier banjos. It makes for a truly unique rim with lots of asymmetrical layers and a striking visual appeal. The pistachio is from woodfromthewest.com.

Just to let you know, #378 arrived yesterday, and it is a thing of real beauty! I really appreciate the craftsmanship, the attention to detail, the selection of beautiful woods, and most especially, the extremely satisfying sound of it. I am absolutely thrilled with it. Keep up the great work, both of you!
- M. M.