#321- Bearclaw Spruce and Pistachio Alto Ukulele

It really feels like we are hitting our stride with these Alto ukuleles. I know it’s not that much different from a soprano or a concert, but a new idea always takes repetition to master, even if it is just a refinement of existing designs. This spruce top is zippy and resonant but not shrill. The stiff pistachio back and sides reflect the sound and add some depth to the tone. I feel like it is one step closer to a general purpose small ukulele that has more tone than a soprano and more character than a concert.

The bearclaw spruce top is salvaged old growth from Alaska Specialty Woods, the pistachio is from California Orchards and the Douglas fir neck is from salvaged floor boards from The Dalles, OR. The back has a dramatic graft line, so I went with more subtle pistachio for the rest of the uke. The fingerboard includes a small void carefully filled with epoxy as a natural beauty mark.