#317- Curly Port Orford Cedar and Walnut Baritone Ukulele

Recently one of my fellow instrument builders asked my opinion about Port Orford Cedar as a top wood. I almost lied and said “It’s terrible, send it all to me and I’ll burn it for you.” Instead, I took the high road and admitted that it is my favorite top wood. Bright and detailed but with earthy sustain and pleasing tone. This curly POC and the pistachio are from woodfromthewest.com and the curly walnut back and sides come from the cut off bin at Goby Walnut in Portland. Every time I visit I buy all I can. It’s always top quality and I can use the pieces that are scraps to furniture builders. The fir neck is “pig farm fir” salvaged by Salvage Works from The Dalles, OR.