#414- Walnut and Pistachio Tenor Banjo Ukulele

I don’t really work in batches, as I always have the next two months of instruments creeping along behind, but I do promise what month you will get your uke in. It feels good to get a month finished and take a little time to refocus, take inventory, clean the shop and dive back in. I am interested in how the rhythm of a working life is interrupted by problems or issues and how they take your focus and time. It’s like a problem child in the class room causing the teacher to leave other students to be more independent. In the case of #414, we had such a good student that it took till today to notice its gifts. Beautiful, loud tone (but not harsh), simple grain and lines with tiny textures and features that draw the eye and a classic shape. The walnut is from the Carpenter Ant stash in Portland and the pistachio comes from California orchards via woodfromthewest.com.