#405- Spruce and Pistachio Baritone Ukulele

I love to be surprised. I picked out the wood for this one months ago, but I never took the time to really appreciate it till today. What looked like a plain spruce top ended up having multiple tiny bear claw marks that added an interesting texture to the straight grain dulcimer spruce top. I knew the pistachio back and sides were nice, but now I see how awesome they are. The multi color grafted wood is just stunning. Also, it’s dense and hard nature is perfect for reflecting the sounds from the softer spruce top. So choice. Of course, the pistachio fretboard is a winner too. The pistachio all comes from California orchards, the old growth fir neck is from a floor joist and the Sitka spruce top is salvaged from a 1960’s dulcimer maker’s stash.

Aaron, I wanted to let you know my ukulele arrived safely yesterday. It looks and sounds awesome! I am totally pleased. I made a short video of me messing around with different versions of Ferre Jacques.
- J. M.