#390- Spruce and Walnut Tenor Ukulele

Shane has some good ideas. The first was bringing me a pile of salvaged fir and a sampling of beer from his brewery when he came to visit the shop. The fir was from the barn at Level Beer and I got a few more necks out of it than this one. I kept a couple of small nail holes in the neck as witness to its origins. The top is straight grain spruce from my dulcimer stash and the walnut is curly Oregon walnut from Goby. The dramatic pistachio fretboard is from California orchards. Shane’s next good idea was to let me decide how to decorate his wood choices. Because of how busy everything else was, I decided on a rope rosette and no binding. Yes, I am excited about the materials but I also love the sound. Loud but balanced, like his beer. (Not too hoppy!)