#423- The Wayfinder Ukulele

This instrument is not built for a customer, it is built to be passed from player to player over a 2+ year adventure. Making its way around the world, hopefully inspiring music, art and a global communication. It’s not just an ukulele, it’s a long term art project that includes the music, photos and videos it makes as well as entries in a passport book we include with it. This project was inspired by many travelers, including the Polynesian navigators who found Hawaii, the Madeiran woodworkers who brought the ukulele’s ancestors to Hawaii and our many friends who travel the world making music and art. The top and neck are made from Oregon Douglas Fir, which was a prized wood for Hawaiian canoes when it drifted across the pacific. The back and sides are Hawaiian Koa, highly prized by mainland and island luthiers. The rest of the ukulele is made from Oregon Walnut and Maple, including the old fashioned rope binding. Check out the Wayfinder’s website here to keep track of it’s adventures!