#346- Curly Port Orford Cedar, Figured Walnut, Fir and Pistachio Alto Ukulele

This one really illuminates what I want Beansprout to be/do:

-Woods: All North American wood, from people I trust or salvaged from local sources. The curly Port Orford Cedar, pistachio and figured walnut come from the Oregon and California, provided by woodfromthewest.com. The fir is salvaged from factory floorboards in The Dalles, OR. The walnut and maple rope binding is made by Gurian in Seattle.

-Design: The alto size and shape is my attempt to provide an all purpose small size uke. Cute and traditional like a soprano, but a little bigger for adults to play comfortably. This simple template interacts with some asymmetrical and sculptural wood choices to make a unique but classic look

-Sound and playability: Loud but rich, with the charm of a vintage small ukulele. Easy to play all the way up the neck. Easy to keep in tune with geared tuners and ready to plug in onstage.

-Art vs Craft- Handmade with rustic details and unique wood “flaws/inclusions” but with careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. A beautiful thing that is also a useful tool.

Sorry for the mini manifesto, back to the shop.