#314- Port Orford Cedar, Pistachio and Fir Tenor Ukulele

I was having a grumpy day in the shop when an un-expected detail saved the day for me: I noticed that the upper left corner of this fir neck had a streak of darker red in it. As the ukulele progressed, I couldn’t stop seeing red in the upper left: head plate, back, fretboard. Although I often layout woods improvisationally, maybe some details are a happy accident or maybe some decisions are made subconsciously. Either way, I am happy with with this one and that I drew me out of a grumpy spell. Port Orford Cedar from the Oregon Coast, Pistachio from California orchards and a wide grain fir neck from my friend’s land on Vashon Island. It is solid and sturdy but the cedar top gives it a punch and zip. Ready for years of music making!