#308- Curly Port Orford Cedar, Pistachio and Fir Tenor Ukulele

First, just the bill of materials:

-Curly Port Orford Cedar top salvaged and milled by woodfromthewest.com

-Pistachio from California Orchards

-Douglas fir neck salvaged from floor boards from a store in The Dalles, OR.  

-Bone nut and saddle, GHS strings, K&K pickup and Gotoh tuners.

All this adds up to a really solid and resonant tenor ukulele.  The extra weight of the pistachio makes it feel solid, but the light Port Orford Cedar top makes it sing and vibrate.  I feel when I play it that it can handle anything I can give it, something a lighter uke can't always do for me.  The materials make for a tidy and unique aesthetic, but I made sure to include one nail hole in the neck from the original floor boards.  Just a small reminder of our true imperfection when compared to our high expectations and lofty goals.  Just like the music it will make, it is destined to be both flawed and beautiful!