#309- Grafted Walnut, Douglas Fir and Pistachio Baritone Ukulele

For the last few years I have been playing baritone ukulele more than the other sizes.  The lower pitch is a compliment to Nicole's tenor uke strumming, but I have to have make sure that my baritone ukes have the crisp brightness needed to play leads and melodies.  This old growth Douglas Fir top seems to be the right balance for me: as loud as spruce but with a dusty earthiness unique to Fir.  The walnut on the back is grafted with two different species for root and fruit stock, a common practice in orchards.  I got this walnut set from Kevin from woodfromthewest.com and I admit that I saved it just to show off a little bit as it is so unique and beautiful.  Here is more info on the grafted variety: https://cdnc.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/cdnc?a=d&d=PRP19060707.2.2  Of course, I had to use my favorite walnut and maple rope binding.  Add on geared brass Gotoh tuners, a K&K pickup, bone nut and saddle and GHS strings to make it stage ready.  Look for this one soon in several videos as I work on our next ukulele book.