#306- Walnut and Pistachio Concert Banjo Ukulele

This customer asked for two things: a wild fretboard and walnut from the Carpenter Ant stash.  I said: "No Problem."  Business is easy when you attract like minded folks who already believe in what you do.  As a reminder, the Carpenter Ant stash is a lifetime wood stash of the father of a friend.  He spent years as a cabinet maker and set aside his favorite pieces as they came into the shop.  They have allowed me access to the wood in order to see his precious collection turned into musical tools.  The wild pistachio fretboard and headplate come from California orchards and I love how no two are alike.   Oh yeah, how does it sound?  Well, it's one of those that seems to vibrate in my lap and throw the sound out but manages to stay sweet.  I hope Leigh likes it as much as I do!