#300- Clockmaker's Koa Tenor Ukulele

This is a special instrument.  First- It is the first regular uke I have put out since leaving Mya-Moe.  Second- It happens to be a nice round number, #300.  Third- The wood is from the carpenter ant stash and built for the caretaker of said stash, my friend Lizann.  The koa belonged to her grandfather, who built two beautiful clocks with it which I have seen in her house.  Therefore it's label, Clockmaker's Koa.  I have all different grades of figure, but this is among the best.  I paired it with an old growth douglas fir neck and pistachio fretboard, headplate and bridge.  The maple and walnut rope binding add some old world flair to it.  It is easy to play, light weight, vibrant and loud!