#337- Walnut and Pistachio Mini Five String Banjo

A couple of years ago I stood in a long line outside of a wood worker’s estate sale in Hood River. When it opened, everybody ran in and claimed their treasures. I grabbed a machinist’s tool box, a hand plane, some dado saw blades, an oil can and a chunk of walnut. This curly Oregon walnut was already rough cut in the shape of two rifle stocks. It just so happens that many banjo builders are also gun smiths. This is because both disciplines require you to work wood to the precision of the metal parts that must mate with them. Also, there is the obvious old timey American rural connections of guns and banjos. In fact, I don’t know anything about guns beyond learning to shoot in the Boy Scouts. So, here are two rifle stocks, re-purposed for a more peaceful pursuit. The pistachio is some deep red stripey stuff from California Orchards.