#330- Mastergrade Myrtle Tenor Ukulele

One concept I am interested in at the moment is rhythm. Not in music, but in the shop. Yes, I can make a nice thing, but can I make it every day a little better and not get bogged down in the repetition of it? Can I rejoice in repetitive tasks? Can I keep my sense of wonder and play while trying to earn a living? Can I allow every shop day to be a little different, even as I hone the ukulele making process down to its most important steps? Can my mistakes inspire me instead of defeating me? None of these questions can be answered except by me and over time. In the meantime, this happens. A beautiful tenor ukulele pops out. It is a thing unto itself, but also a single data point in a craftsperson’s life. Sort of like light being both wave and particle.

Speaking of wave, check out the beautiful wavy, curly, dark lined figure of this Oregon myrtle from woodfromthewest.com. Speaking of particle, check out the filled nail holes in the salvaged floor board fir neck. The pistachio fretboard, headplate and binding are the prism revealing a rainbow. I can find the flaws and they push me to do better. You take it and make your own art with it, I’ll be back in the shop starting a new one.