#324- Curly Myrtle Alto Ukulele

When working with Gordon and Char at Mya-Moe, I got a solid foundation in how to treat customers, deal with suppliers and stick to your word, hopefully turning every short term loss into a long term win. In this case, I know I will deliver a beautiful instrument that is easy to play and sounds amazing. But, I have to admit that it will be delivered two weeks later than I promised, due to an issue with a change of ownership at a long trusted supplier. Either way, I have to scramble to make it all right with the customer and change how I do business with this supplier in the future, so that it never happens again. The details don’t really matter, I just have to do my best to make it up to the customer (with free accessories and shipping) and work harder to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

As I dealt with this, I often thought “What would Gordon do.” Therefore, it is fitting that I got this amazing set of curly myrtle from Char when she retired. It has that rich butter color that I love, beautiful curl and some spalted spots that make it truly unique. Wrapped up in rope binding, it looks a treat. A striped red pistachio fretboard from California orchards and a buggy fir neck from Vashon Island, WA complete the package. It’s ready for a few lifetimes of music and I’m ready to do better next time. Short term loss turns into long term win.