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How to place an Order

I am building a limited number of Beansprout instruments per month.  If you are interested in buying a build slot, please read all the information below before clicking the button at the bottom of the page.  

Step One: Put down a $300 non-refundable deposit via the button below to secure your build slot.  You don't have to know your features and details yet, we will get to that later.

Step Two: Three months before your instrument starts, we will contact you regarding your choice of model and options.

Step Three: Two months before your instrument starts, your configuration is frozen (meaning you may no longer make changes to your order).

Step Four: Aaron builds your instrument while you follow along via social media and email.

Step Five: We take final photos, Nicole does a quality check and we let the banjo settle for a week.  Aaron tweaks the setup if necessary. 

Step Six: You pay in full and we ship your instrument.

Step Seven: You play your Beansprout, giving yourself and your community the gift of music!  I plant a tree in your honor through Friends of Trees.  

Got it?  Ok, lets do this.  New build slots added monthly!

Prices are: $1550 for Concert Banjo Uke, $1650 Tenor Banjo Uke and $1800 for Mini Five String Banjo.  (Plus Shipping)

July 2018 Build Slot
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Aug. 2018 Build Slot
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Sept. 2018 Build Slot
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Oct. 2018 Build Slot
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