Selecting wood:

First, understand this: the traditional, old time ukulele sound comes from using one wood for the top back and sides of the instrument.  We offer myrtle, koa, mahogany or sycamore for this job.  Pick this option and you are ready to go. 

The second option is to pick a soft wood for the top and a hardwood for the back and sides.  This is how guitars, violins and mandolins have been done for a few hundred years.  It gives a little more tone, sustain and richness, but it may not be the traditional look/sound for the uke.  Top woods include spruce, fir and port orford cedar.  Back/side woods include maple, walnut, cherry, pistachio, myrtle, koa, mahogany, sycamore. 

Still don't know what to do? Then LET ME CHOOSE.  Just tell me the sound you want and let me select the right woods.