#260- Maple and Pistachio Tenor Banjo Uke

Maple and pistachio tenor banjo uke.  The maple is from Camp Westwind, a special place on the Oregon coast that we are happy to support with the sale of this instrument.  The pistachio is from California orchards and is a sustainable alternative to ebony and rosewood.  

#259- Spalted Alder and Japanese Oak Concert Banjo Uke

This is a special instrument, made from wood from Camp Westwind and will be raffled off at Tunes in the Dunes this year to benefit the camp.  This is a truly special place and we are happy to support the efforts to keep it wild and wonderful.  The spalted alder is from Westwind's forest and the oak washed up on shore amongst the debris from the Japanese tsunami a few years ago. Notice the ocean worm holes on the headstock, sawed and book matched to create a unique look.  

#258- Walnut Tenor Banjo Ukulele

Walnut and pistachio tenor banjo uke with K&K pickup and low G tuning.  The three piece neck and block rim feature curly walnut from Goby in Portland, OR and pistachio from California orchards.  The darker sound of the walnut and the low G make for a rich tone and sustain.  

#256- Maple Tenor Banjo Ukulele

A beautiful tenor scale banjo ukulele with a five piece maple and pistachio neck and a curly maple block rim.  The maple is salvaged from a woodworkers estate sale, pre-cut into pieces that our son Henry likes to lay out on the shop floor as his "dance floor."  From here on out known as "Henry's dance floor maple." The pistachio is sustainably harvested from California orchards.  

#249- Walnut Concert Banjo Ukulele

#249- Walnut Concert Banjo Ukulele for Scott.  The curly walnut neck and rim is urban salvage from Goby in Portland, OR.  The Pistachio fingerboard and trim is from California orchards. The head is calf skin. 

#255- Maple and Pistachio Mini Five String

#255 Maple and Pistachio Mini Five String for Louise.  The super curly maple comes from Zena Forest in Salem, OR. The pistachio is from California orchards.  

#254- Maple and Pistachio Mini Five String

#254 Maple and Pistachio Mini Five String for Stephanie.  The two tone curly maple comes from Goby in Portland as urban tree salvage.  The pistachio is from California orchards.